Slow & Simple

" We tried everything possible and none of it worked.

Now we must try the impossible." Sun Ra

Ahimsa logo Set in a beautiful hillside location overlooking the river Zezere, Fonte de Baixo is a small quinta with a  gentle feel. Our aim is to live Slow & Simple.

We want to live in such a way that the quality of life for us and the planet is more important than the attainment of wealth and material belongings. 

We are a couple of fairly ordinary people who decided a few years ago to get off the 9 to 9 bus and live a slow and simple life. 

Our aim is to try and live sustainably as part of a small local community. Whatever we do, we try to do it mindfully and allow each day to unfold following the natural flow of the seasons. What needs to be done is mostly done, but not always and that doesn't bother us in the least. There is always tomorrow!

We grow most of our own food organically. We eat a simple vegetarian diet and enjoy life at a slow tempo. Our enjoyment comes from finding ourselves in the largely forgotten ways of living a voluntary simple life at a slow pace. The Japanese poet Ryokan expresses our ideals perfectly in this poem:

My whole life, never troubling to get ahead
I've just ambled along, leaving things to the stars,
In my sack I've got three measures of rice,
by the hearth, one bundle of firewood.
Why ask about enlightenment and delusion?
What truck have I with fame and fortune?
Here in my hut I tilt my ear to the night rain
and stretch out my two legs just to please. 

Esho Funi